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Elite PremAir Virtual Airlines, based out of Miami, Florida, was founded in March 2015 by Audie Silcott and Randy Haynes. Their group consists of real-world and Sim pilots with over 25 years experience in the simulation community as well as the real-world.
With hubs in Miami, Boston, San Francisco, London, San Juan and Dallas, EPV utilizes state of the art ACARS system, which raises the level of realism for a better flight experience.

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Pilot Flight Departure Arrival Status
EPV110 EPV8584 SBGL PANC Cruising
EPV34 EPV4046 YSSY VHHH Climbing
EPV448 EPV838 TNCM PR34 Arrived
EPV406 EPV20R KTPA KMIA Preflight
EPV163 EPV7316R PGUM KDFW Cruising
EPV440 EPV4032 KSFO EGLL Cruising
EPV377 EPV8387R TJBQ TJSJ Climbing
EPV445 EPV8013 TJSJ KLAX Cruising
EPV179 EPV1020R KMCO KJFK Arrived
EPV407 EPV2203 KMIA KMEM Arrived
EPV459 EPV4059 KSFO KSLN Arrived
EPV477 EPV6022R EIDW EGLL Cruising
EPV507 EPV4059 KSFO KSLN Arrived
EPV511 EPV8269 TJSJ KMIA Cruising
EPV515 EPV23 KMIA KMCO Arrived